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Order Fufillment

The majority of products available on the Revival Records store are printed on demand. This means that the item is printed and sent out as soon as the order is placed. We have facilities in the USA and Europe using the latest in cutting-edge printing technology, both with a full quality control team, so orders can be consistently and reliably be processed quickly and to an incredibly high quality, anywhere in the world.

Furthermore, having a fulfillment centre based in both Europe and America also enables us to keep shipping prices down across the globe, fulfilling orders at the centre closest to the customer. In addition, if one of the facilities doesn’t have any of a particular garment in stock, we simply send the order to the other facility, at no expense to the customer.

Everything from picking, printing, quality control, sorting and packaging is all fulfilled in one of our two facilities, to keep producing consistent, high quality products that our customers love. 

Of course, it’s not just tee printing, we can create anything from embroidered hats, to framed posters, and even sublimated socks!